I will reveal Past Life Karma for $5

reveal Past Life Karma
reveal Past Life Karma
reveal Past Life Karma
reveal Past Life Karma

About This Gig

Our souls journey through life to live learn and evolve during the process we create karma both positive and negative

Your current lifetime may involve obstacles in your career troubled relationships emotional imbalances that are rooted in the far past

Bringing awareness to the karma can help you to see clearly the lessons of this lifetime, and work towards making better choices now

What is karma? Karma is the consequences of our choices, nothing more nothing less. 

You may inherit 'gifts' from your previous karma that can be integrated into this lifetime if you know what they are. 

It is not possible to 'remove' bad karma without a sacrifice of equal or greater value - do not be deceived 

Universal laws cannot be manipulated by human free will they are abiding and unflinching in execution

Karma is not about 'revenge' nor is it always what human perception would consider 'justice'. 

Standard gig will tell you if your circumstance or relationship is karmic in nature and whether it works to enhance your life or a debt is owed in simple paragraph of 100 characters or less