I will top 12 FAQ Reiki Energy Attunements New Healers for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

Are you a Newly Awakened Healer Who Wants To Know More About Reiki Energy Attunements???

Top 12 FAQ's For New Healers Reiki & Energy Attunements answers common and not so common questions about practicing Reiki and Energy healing from an Reiki Master experience and perspective. 

  • Do I have to study Reiki or become a Master to use my hands to heal?  Will Reiki help me deliver my gift of healing? 

  • Can I Lose My Attunement? 

  • What If My Energy is Sluggish or Slow? 

  • How To Send and Receive Energy and Reiki

  • How To Work With Your Attunements

  • Difference Between Reiki & Magic... 

  • And More... 

Plain language, professionally written, insightful answers makes this a great place to start.