I will record a top native german voice over

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record a top native german voice over
record a top native german voice over
record a top native german voice over
record a top native german voice over

About This Gig

More than 500 highly satisfied customers and counting!

Professional trained voice over artist with 20 years of experience, top-notch recording studio and many blue-chip industry references,

including AEG, Allianz, AmEx, Apple, Cisco, Dell, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Fujitsu, Hertz, Honda, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, JVC, Lidl, Microsoft, NCR, Nvidia, Oracle, Samsung, Santander, SAP, Sharp, Toshiba, Unilever, etc.,

offering voice over services in native German (dialect-free) and high quality.

Versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

  • Fully edited and ready to use (wav 16 bit/48 kHz).
  • Suitable for Commercials, Infomercials, Corporate, Documentary, E-Learning, Explainer Videos and On Hold/IVR.
  • Includes commercial license for non-paid internet promotion. For paid internet, radio/TV advertising please contact me before ordering.

Please note:
  • No translation, script editing, proofreading, characters, impersonations, explicit, adult, political or religious content.

Order Details

3 days delivery
Number of words
Please enter the full word count of your script. Your price and delivery options will be calculated based on the script’s length.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer free revisions?
    Only if I make a mistake, for the concerning script section. Otherwise, please book again accordingly. This also applies to script changes after recording. Please indicate the desired speed/style and the correct pronunciation of specific words (names, URLs, abbreviations, etc.) when you order.
  • Do you offer background music?
    No, I only offer voice over recordings.
  • Can you integrate your synced voice over into my video?
    Sure! Just ask, it's free!
  • Do you offer proofreading?
    If your script shows just a few striking translation mistakes I can correct them for free on-the-fly while recording if you wish. Otherwise, I will read exactly what you send.
  • Which recording equipment do you use?
    I only use finest analog devices, including tube and solid-state large-diaphragm condenser microphones, vintage outboard gear and pristine digital converters to give you ultimate quality.
  • Do you offer lip sync?
    No, this is an entirely different technique.
  • What do you recommend re. video sync scripts?
    With video sync, my timed recording will fit to the original version as closely as possible. Please make sure that each section has enough allotted time keeping in mind that translations to German result in significantly longer phrases.
  • What do you recommend re. general voice over scripts?
    Please note that texts with complex words and multi-claused phrases intended for silent reading are difficult for voice overs. For best results, please keep words and phrases as short as possible. This will improve speech flow and emphasis, hence your listeners will follow and comprehend more.