I will professionally Master Any Song in 1 Day FREE 1 Track Master

professionally Master Any Song in 1 Day FREE 1 Track Master
professionally Master Any Song in 1 Day FREE 1 Track Master
professionally Master Any Song in 1 Day FREE 1 Track Master

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Description Basic Standard Premium
  Master your song with standard plug-ins. Includes 1 master and 1 revision Master your song with Waves Mercury plug-ins Includes 6 masters, 2 revisions, and HQ file Master with Waves plug-ins and outboard gear. Includes 13 masters, 2 revisions, and HQ file.
Seller will apply overall post-production polish to the newly-mixed track (or a pre-mixed track submitted by you).
HQ Audio File
Master-quality uncompressed audio file, such as WAV or AIFF.
Analog Gear
Seller will use analog mastering equipment.
Songs Included
The max number of songs/album tracks that the seller will mix/master (you may be able to buy additional tracks in Extras).
1 6 13
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2 2
Delivery time 1 day
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About This Gig

Enjoy 1 FREE Master with any order

I will professionally Master your song in any musical genre. Mastering involves boosting the overall clarity and dynamic range of the entire track to ensure that the final product is commercial/radio ready.

Prior to Mastering your track should be Mixed. If you need to Mix your song I have a gig extra for mixing. Please check out my dedicated Mixing Gig as well as my Mixing and Mastering Gig Bundle for more information.

**You must order the "Additional Song" for each additional track**

**The Mixing gig extra is ONLY for ONE song. Order multiple to reach desired track count.**

In order to ensure the highest quality results follow the instructions below:

  1. If you have access to the project file please follow STEP 2
  2. Set the master file/fader (the uncompressed .Wav) to -6db in the project file.
  3. If you cannot do this or don't know how we can do this for you
  4. This ensures we have headroom to work with and allows us to have greater control of the dynamic range of the track
  5. Export as .Wav file
  6. If you cannot access a .Wav file please export as a MP3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a stem file?
    A Stem File is the raw audio track. When we record drums for instance we normally have 5-7 tracks that are created as a result. Each of these tracks are called a stem. So there is a snare stem, tom stem, overhead stem, etc. It is important that no effects are placed on these when exporting as .Wav
  • Why should I Master my song?
    Mastering allows the song to play at the industry standard loudness which is 0db. When we listen to the radio notice how each song plays at the same volume. This is essentially what mastering does in a very basic sense. Mastering also improves the overall clarity and frequencies are more pronounced