I will review your Fiverr bio and gig information

review your Fiverr bio and gig information

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Have you read through your Gig and profile properly?

Many of the sellers on Fiverr forget that first impressions mean everything!
Sometimes, English isn't your first language, which means you miss the spelling and grammar errors... Presentation is key to a successful gig purchase!

"First impressions meen everything and will sort you with Englash if want service then.." - WHAT THE?!

  1. Does your gig info look like the above?
  2. Is English your second language?
  3. Could your bio or gig info look this way but you don't even know that it's wrong?

I come across these sorts of mistakes regularly, for a buyer this can be a turning point, meaning you are potentially losing a sale!

But don't worry, I can help with that...

First impressions mean everything when it comes to putting confidence in to your potential buyers, so if your English is all a muddle, then you may be missing out on sales, and YOU could be JUST what they are looking for!

Don't let poor English restrict your sales and potentially miss out on impressing the customers with your skills and expertise, that sale could potentially go to someone else, every dollar counts right?

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Proof read & review

Proof read your 1 gig profile, document changes and send to you in a Word document

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