I will professionally test your iOS app

professionally test your iOS app
professionally test your iOS app

About This Gig

InkTestQA brings over 10 years of experience with End User Applications, Business Process Management Software, AAA gaming titles, Unix, Windows, Databases, Web Applications, SAP, Mobile Development (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile), Finance and Security.  

You'll find us customer oriented, good communicators, technical, very friendly and willing to help you with your business inquiry.

This gig includes the following services:

  • 1-hour Ad-Hoc/Exploratory/Smoking/Custom Testing session on your iOS app
  • A full detailed bug report delivered as JSON, MS Word, MS Excel export 
  • Screenshots/Video capture if applicable
  • Chat support
  • User feedback (suggestions/improvements)
  • Testing will be performed on a Apple device of your choice from iPhone 5s FW 8.1.3 iPhone 5C FW 9.1, iPhone 6s FW 9.3.1 ,  iPad 4 FW v9.1, iPad Mini FW 8.1.3

InkTestQA device inventory consists in 70+ Mobile devices, 20 + Windows & Mac Desktop with various configurations and 5 x Samsung VR Gear

For long term projects, Quality Assurance team offshore outsourcing, please submit a custom order.

We would like to hear from you.