I will release blocks to your joy with FasterEFT

release blocks to your joy with FasterEFT

About This Gig

Fastereft is a powerful tool that helps to release the inner blocks to success and joy. If you are having challenges in any life area, be relationship, business, money,etc,and, despite trying your best it just wouldn't resolve, then internal blocks (Resistance)  maybe at play.

You may want to check whether over  a period of time you have been worrying, or have fear, or feel stuck,  or operating in a "survival" mode. If yes, then you really want to look inwards and make changes there first by letting go of the blocks. 

I use FasterEFT to coach people to get breakthrough in the following:

  • Heal Relationships  (Healing breakups, releasing hurts, jealousy, etc)
  • Let GO of past traumas/unpleasant events
  • Release anger, frustration, guilt, confusion, unwanted beliefs, etc.
  • Create success in business/workplace
  • Tuning-in to JOY no matter what situation you are in and taking back your POWER

The number of sessions required, and results will vary from person to person.

Note: This will require interaction over SKYPE (audio or video)

$5 - Basic session for  10 min.

$25 - 1 hour FasterEFT session (Recommended)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I am here to help you.

Peace and Light!

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