I will do your online shopping for you INEXPENSIVE

do your online shopping for you INEXPENSIVE

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Description Find items Purchase your items Up to 50 items for five days
  I will find what you're looking for based on your description and price range (2) This price is flexible, but I will find least expensive price and ship to you. I will find and buy up to 50 items for a five day span for you. I will also be a consultant for you.
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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Delivery time 2 days 2 days 5 days

About This Gig

I'll be your personal shopper. Why would you pay $5 in order to spend money? Sometimes people see things online that can go for $100, when in actuality, they can get the same thing or something extremely similar for less than half. So yes, you'd be paying $5, but you're saving way more in the long run. Also, I'm able to purchase with free shipping almost all of the time, so with that, I'll be able to help you save even more money.

I am a buyer for a store, so this means that I can get you extra special prices if you choose the standard option. $35 is the price you should be expecting to pay for two items and shipping. This price is flexible! It definitely depends on the two items you choose.

For the ultimate selection, you can choose up to 50 items for up to 5 days that need to be found. From there, you can decide on what you'd like to purchase. I also consult, as I've worked in high-end stores before, so I can tell you what makes the product worth spending money on and what you can do with that product. 

* I am not paying for the items; the prices will shift depending on how much each item is.