I will record script and mix with background music you provide

record script and mix with background music you provide

About This Gig

I will read up to 50 words of a voice over script you provide in my "smooth announcer" female voice.   I will also mix the narrative recording with the royalty free piece of music or sound effect that you provide.

English voice-over ONLY, please. 

What I need from you:

•         A script!  Send TXT, or DOC(x) files to me.  PDF is OK, but not preferred.  

•         Desired tone: Casual, Business, Slow/Fast, Sultry, etc...

•         Pronunciations to ANY questionable words in the script

•         Royalty Free music/sound effect file

While I do my best to fix any obvious grammatical errors found in your script, please proof read and edit your script before sending it to me.  

Be sure to spell out ALL abbreviations as you want them read.

Re-records due to errors or revisions in the script itself, realized after my delivery of the audio file, will require the purchase of additional gigs.

Need more than 50 words? Simply order extra gigs for every 50 words!

I will provide the recording to you in high-quality MP3 format unless you specifically request the file in a .WAV format.

Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

Voice over with background music

50 words of voice over script you provide in female voice plus mix with background music

  • Up to 50 Words
  • Background Music