I will do a psychic phone reading for you

do a psychic phone reading for you

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Description 15 Minutes 30 Minutes 45 Minutes
  15 Minute Psychic Reading with Chris and Laura by phone 30 Minute Psychic Reading with Chris and Laura by phone 45 Minute Psychic Reading with Chris and Laura by phone
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About This Gig

We offer clear guidance in your life by connecting to the Angels and delivering messages from the Divine. We are both Clairvoyant intuitive channels. If you are looking for direct and truthful answers, we are here to help.

We are both natural born intuitives sharing our gifts with others. We are clairvoyant which helps us to see the energy of a situation so you can see what is actually going on. We read together – so you have two psychics reading for you at the same time.

We will call you by phone.

Please pick out the time that works best for you on the confirmation page. We are available mountain standard time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from a reading?
    Chris and Laura give clear and compassionate answers. At the same time they do not sugar coat the messages they get from the Divine. If it's something you need to hear, they will tell you.
  • Can you tell the future?
    We can look at the future based on the current energy of the situation. Meaning we can look based on your current choices. This can change at any time because of your own free will. We will push out in to the future but we will not project out that far because you do have that free will.
  • Can you tell my what my future soul mate/ spouse/ twin flame will look like?
    We read the energy of a situation. Same with people, we can read energy imprints of them but we do not see physical attributes. We can not tell you how tall they are, how much money they make, what their hair color is or nationality. We can tell you about their heart and their personality.