I will teach you how to make intuitive decisions

teach you how to make intuitive decisions

About This Gig

This course will help you be clear about the decisions you face in your life. Using a combination of visualization, tools and your own body – you will learn not only how to face choices but to make your choice with absolute confidence.You will be introduced to a variety of techniques through audio video exercises and video demonstrations.

The goal of this course is to equip you will tools that help you rely on your intuition and deeper knowing to make decisions that come up in your life.

Learn How To:

  • Use visualization to get a “yes” or “no” answer to a decision
  • Master the use of a pendulum
  • Tap into the inner knowing your own body has for what is best for you
  • Touch base with your “future self” to see which choice outcome is most ideal

What are the requirement

  • These exercises are designed for you to tap into your own intuition and inner guidance. This is not someone else telling you what you should do. From here on out – it’s you trusting you!



Quick Ways to get a “Yes” “No” Response

Using a Pendulum

Muscle Testing

Expanding the Choices

Bonus – Speaking with your Future Self

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Intuitive Decision Making Ecourse

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