I will speak English with you

speak English with you
speak English with you
speak English with you
speak English with you

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Description 15 minute conversation in English Two 15 min conversations in English I read to you for 30 minutes
  We have a 15 minute conversation in American Standard English. After that we have a 5 minute review. Same as the basic, however we have to sessions. I will read *almost anything of your choosing, or something that I choose for 30 minutes.
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About This Gig

Let's create a safe space to practice our conversational skills in english. 

*I will not speak to you in any other language during conversation time.

*After each conversation time we will set aside five minutes where we talk about any rough points that may have come up in our communication.

*We can read or practice scripts 15 minutes or under for BASIC and longer for other gig lengths like Standard (30min) or Premium (Longer).

I am a native English speaker, who has grown up around elders who speak english as a second language; so I am sympathetic to what it takes to communicate through those boundaries.
I am NOT an English teacher, I will not teach vocabulary or get overly tedious about grammar issues. I am a practice partner, and will respect you as such. I've done after school tutoring for people studying for the TOEFL, I have seen students go through and succeed at that test.

P.S. If you are an actor, phone operator, or salesman feel free to order the gig. As long as the appropriate gig time ratio is there... I will speak to you in English.