I will read your coffee cup fortune

read your coffee cup fortune
read your coffee cup fortune

About This Gig

  • Have your coffee, sip it & enjoy it! Before you take one last gulp, swirl it around to leave as many coffee marks as possible. This is important so don't skip it otherwise you won't be able to have your coffee cup fortune read!

  • Take a picture trying to capture as much of the inside of the coffee cup as possible. 

  • Send it to me. 

  • Remember! There's a real person behind this gig, deciphering your coffee cup for symbols & references to look into your future. You will receive a customized coffee cup reading, not an automated one. There's no algorithm, no machine involved here. Yeah, I'm old-school like that!

  • Share the love! Recommend this gig to your friends, get readings together on a fun night out!

As there are limited coffee cup reading symbols to decipher, it's natural that you may be receiving similar readings at different points in time. 

Your coffee cup may show a number of symbols multiple times.

Should you take your decisions based on my readings?

No. This is an entertainment gig, not your shrink. Or your mom.

Let's see what your future holds!

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