I will sql ,uml and erd, SQL queries for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
sql ,uml and erd, SQL queries
sql ,uml and erd, SQL queries

About This Gig

This is a consolidated gig is for SQL or ERD or UML requirement.

I am an experienced SQL and UML architect.
I'm Level -2 sellers with many excellent POSITIVE REVIEWS. Successfully Completed 200+ orders as of now with the other gigs of me.


As a database developer, I have hands on experience in database design and SQL coding.

I will help you in writing SQL for SQL Server My SQL and MS Access SQL Queries.

Coming to Diagrams part I can help you in

  • DFD
  • ERD
  • Data Base Diagram
  • UML Diagrams (using Visual paradigm software )
                     o   Use Case
                     o   Class
                     o   Sequence
                     o   Activity
                     o   Deployment diagrams
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