I will maximize your face in a space

maximize your face in a space

About This Gig

Do you need your own marketing department for your company emails and sales letters?
Looking for someone to tell your story without putting your company in jeopardy through false claims?
Writing make you squinch in pain?

Look no more because I'm your guy.

Let me tell you something....

People hate the bait and switch technique of telling half the story in an attempt to grab a quick sale.  I specialize in telling your companies whole story in an appealing way so customers are eager to buy time and time again.

"Why storytelling? Simple:Nothing else works"- Forbes.com

Apple and Starbucks didn't become great without a powerful story to grab peoples attention.

Eager customers:

  • refer everyone they know / share on social media
  • commit to buying every product you have
  • will stay committed  to your brand even with price increases

All of this leads to one of business's most important commandments being accomplished.... Conversions!... Conversions equals Sales...

I research not only the information you give but the information you don't in order to be the Wingman you need in introducing your customers to YOU.

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Maximize your space

Shirt grabbing copy to pull customers to your business.

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