I will give a highly intuitive dream interpretation

give a highly intuitive dream interpretation

About This Gig

Raised by a mother who worked as a therapist and introduced me to Jung, I have been giving dream interpretations since I was about six or seven years of age.

I interpret dreams using both my pure intuition and my knowledge of archetypes, psychology, and symbolic language.  For the latter, the major interpretive school that has influenced me the most is the Jungian school.  That said, the major source of my interpretations is the intuitive insight derived from Pure Consciousness.

For $5.00 I will offer a very concise one paragraph interpretation that covers the bare essential meaning(s) of your dream.

For a little bit more, I will take the time to write out a far more detailed page length interpretation.  For more services, please check out the gig extra section, and please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have that I have not yet covered in this short space.

I very much look forward to exploring and unearthing your innate wisdom.  I truly hope to be of service!

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