I will give an intuitive astrology reading

give an intuitive astrology reading

About This Gig

I practice astrology as both a therapeutic and intuitive art.  At its highest, astrology is a means of understanding how to evolve to your highest potential and how to rise above those knotty fears and limitations that always seem to rise to the surface when we'd most like to be rid of them.  If you want your "fortune" read, we can certainly do that too!  I can even wear my turban! However, an astrological reading is far more effective and so much more enriching as a means of learning how to access the treasure trove that is literally right under your nose!

By purchasing the basic gig, you will get a print-out of your chart and a 400-600 word general explanation of the elements of the chart that pop out.  For a far more detailed reading, as well as additional services, simply check out the gig extras.

The closest thing to the professional readings that I do in the world is the $40 in-depth analysis.  In the actual world, I will sometimes take hours with a chart in order to give it sufficient attention.

Though I am a fine writer, I find that live consultation is an easier medium for astrological work, thus I recommend the skype session for the fullest experience.  

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