I will write a fantastic article or blog post

write a fantastic article or blog post
write a fantastic article or blog post

About This Gig

I am deeply interested in many things and moderately interested in a great many more.  As such I am able to write clearly and effectively on a broad range of subjects.  My favorite subjects are history, alternative history, spirituality, philosophy, health and nutrition, architecture/design, travel, economics, politics and public policy.  I have written on and edited all of these subjects in and out of an academic setting.  Most important of all, I will take on your projects with great alacrity and enthusiasm!  As Emerson said, "Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved!"

Before ordering my gig, tell me about your project. That way, I'll have a good idea whether or not I am a good fit for it.

The pricing of my work is as such:

$5.00- the basic gig will get you several sentences- a small, high quality paragraph

$20.00- 200-300 succinct, cogent, well-crafted words

$30.00- 400-500 words- usually more words are unnecessary for a blog post

If you are interested in longer, multi-part projects, just let me know and we'll hash out the details.

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