I will give you 7 secrets to manifest anything

give you 7 secrets to  manifest anything

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What is it your heart yearns for most? Can you name it? Manifest it out of thin air?I will teach you how to bypass the Law of Attraction to manifest any desire effortlessly.

There are strategies to becoming deliberate creators of everything you want.

There is a Hidden Universal Law that only the wisest sages of throughout human history has hinted at, yet never fully revealed.

I will explain to you how every day people are learning about this secret law of the Universe to manifest everything.

A few of the things you’ll learn in this book…

…. The Secret Law that activates and automatically reorders the Universe to manifest your heart’s desires
…. The hidden truth about why the over-taught Law of Attraction hasn’t succeeded in your life.
…. The single greatest addiction that prevents you from encountering a wellspring of abundance, peace and joy in your life.
…. The one piece of advice that is certain to transform your life, now.
…. How to handle it when things don’t go the way we expect.
…. The most powerful action you can take to begin creating your ideal new reality, right now.

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7 Secrets to Manifesting Anything

Seven Secrets to the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Your Heart’s Desires

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