I will format 50 pages of your ebook, or short story

format 50 pages of your ebook, or short story

About This Gig

I will format 50 pages of your ebook, but I will do it differently than other formatter on fiverr.


Because, if you hire someone to create a mobi, pdf, or epub file directly, you cannot make changes to the document, and if you do, you have to hire someone to convert the file every time.

There's no reason to do this!  Each platform (ie. Smashwords, KDP and all the others) will do this for you!  All you have to do is format your title properly within Word and it is uploadable to each platform.  Just submit the type of file they accept (Which can be converted in Word) and your done!  No fuss, no muss!

What I will do: (Basic gig)

Format your manuscript so it's compatible for upload
Clickable TOC (Word version)
Maintain your original appearance in the conversion
Teach you how to save in the required file type so you can make changes later if you find you need to. (upon request)

Gig Extras:

Custom Created TOC (Clickable Hyperlinks within document)

Extra fast delivery

***Please do not send manuscripts that contain graphs, tables or anything drawn with a drawing tool. I do not work with manuscripts that contain these elements.

Up to three revisions included without additional gig charges.