I will transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video file

transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video file
transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video file

About This Gig


My service includes the ff:

1. Transcribing (verbatim/interpreted - your choice)
2. Structure & grammar checking
3. Unlimited revision
4. Time reference for unclear parts (incoherent mumbling 07:42-07:45) OR (thunder rumbling in the background)
5. Transcript converted to PDF

I pay extra attention to spelling and grammar,terminologies, corporate/medical jargon as well as colloquialisms so not only will you get a transcript -- you will also be satisfied with its quality! If you want to see samples before ordering, kindly check my portfolio which will redirect you to a Google Drive link where you can see a few transcript samples.

Orders are delivered on time. For files longer than 15 minutes, please send me a message first so we can arrange a custom order.

Also, please check the FAQs as well as the gig extras for any other related services you wish to add to your order. Thank you!

Want one-time, extra 15 minutes FREE on your first order? Just click the FAVORITE button (heart) and kindly let me know rightaway to be able to avail of this welcome gift!

Order Details

2 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Transcribe 15-min audio/video file

Included are: 1. Structure check 2. Unli revision 3. Time reference for unclear part 4. PDF ver.

  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Time Reference
  • Proofreading
  • Up to 1 Speaker
  • Convert File
Number of minutes
This Package includes 15 minutes. For each additional 15 minutes, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept any videos as long as it is in English?
    Yes, I do cater any speaker/s accent as long as it is in English.
  • My video is longer than 15 minutes. What to do?
    That won't be a problem. Please send me a message before ordering so we can arrange a custom order.
  • I don't want the video to be translated verbatim. Can you make the transcription sound/read better?
    Of course, I'd be happy to do that for you! My gig is verbatim by default, but editing wouldn't be an issue. Kindly request this feature from me before I start transcribing.
  • I have a movie that I want to be transcribed. Can you do that?
    Yes -- as long as the movie is in English. Please send me a message so we can arrange a custom order.
  • I am not satisfied with the transcript.
    I apologize that you are not satisfied. Please send me a message and the points of dissatisfaction so I can revise the delivered work. Remember, my gig offers unlimited revision.
  • Can I give you a tip?
    Yes! You can add a tip which is found on the gig extras. Thank you in advance. :)
  • My audio/video has more than 1 speaker. How is the pricing for this?
    My gig's default number of speaker is 1. If you have more than 1 speaker, please check my gig extra where you can add another speaker for $5/speaker.
  • I am a real estate agent from AU/NZ/US and I need a Property Condition Report. Can you do this?
    Yes! Just send me your PCR template, your video and any other instructions. IMPORTANT NOTE: For PCRs, I only translate verbatim.
  • Can you add the subtitles to my movie?
    Sorry but no, I can only transcribe the dialogues and give you the transcript. I do not sub movies/do video editing AS OF NOW. What you can do after getting the transcript is to hire a video editor who can input the transcript and sync it with the movie.
  • I can't access your portfolio link.
    I'm sorry about that. Please send me a message so I can directly send you the sample files instead.