I will make a Enthusiastic GROUP to Hold Your Sign

If you are looking for a great gig with a fabulous team, this is it. Alexx, Anifa, Karen, Arina, Danny, Guyby put together a great dynamic and professional group commercial. It was upbeat, friendly, engaging, and is sure to increase traffic to our membership page. Very thankful for the flexibility and professional recommendations and timing. TY
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make a Enthusiastic GROUP to Hold Your Sign
make a Enthusiastic GROUP to Hold Your Sign

About This Gig


   We are Alexx & Anifa, Mark & Karen! 2 couples, 4 persons, willing to promote your business in a unique way, at a convenient price.

   Just give us your Message, URL, Logo, or Product , and we'll advertise it together, all four of us (or even a bigger group => see our extra below for that), in a very enthusiastic way.

<< IMPORTANT !!! >>

   The basic price for this gig is $25, so if you decide to order without contacting us, please order 5 gigs, that will sum together $25. 

  If you have additional requirements, poses, or elements to add, please check our extras below, or simply send us a message, and we'll negotiate the perfect quote for all of us. Bigger projects are welcome, as well as smaller ones.

  • We can wear your choice of CLOTHING +$10
  • We can go to the LOCATION you request +$10
  • We can POSE as you request +$10
  • We can record a SHORT VIDEO to promote your Business +$20
  • We can COLOR PRINT your Logo +$5

   We are all open minded, opened to new ideas, so we are sure it will be a great experience to work together in order to increase your sales with a great promotional project.

   Looking forward to working with you!