I will tune a vocal recording

tune a vocal recording

About This Gig

Need to tune a vocal recording?

We have the right tools to make it sound in tune, without showing that it was ever edited! 

As you can see on the video, if a vocal is not perfectly in tune, it sounds quite awfull. Let us help you improving the quality of those "not so great" singers!

Send us the vocal audio track and we will get to work.

You are welcome to also send us another audio file with the background music so that we can make sure they match perfectly.

If the audio file is 1 minute long, buy 1 gig.

If the audio file is 2 minutes long, buy 2 gigs.


Also, we invite you to see our other gigs, all related to music and musical production. If there’s something you need done which we don't currently offer as a gig, feel free to ask. It’s very likely that we’ll be able to help you.


We, Valen and Ivan, love to work as musicians and music producers. We've been working together for the last 5 years, and joining our knowledges was the best thing we ever did. Ivan is a professional classical pianist, and Valen a music producer, sound designer, and mastering engineer.