I will provide you with Psychological Advice

provide you with Psychological Advice

About This Gig

I will provide you with a written psychological consultation on an emotional issue you are experiencing or offer psychological guidance for a business-related issue from the domain of customer relationships, human resources or marketing.

Thanks to my experience and professional training as a clinical psychologist and a counselor, I believe I can help people struggling with emotional problems or psychological difficulties (if you desire direct online communication for this purpose, please refer to my counseling gig). At the same time, my experience in mass media and content creation while working with business models (mainly online ventures) allows me to help you with any business topic that could be enhanced with the right psychological knowledge.

I will offer insight in a very clear and understandable written form. This means that my reply that will explain what are the things you might be feeling and how can these feelings be resolved, or advise you how to proceed with your business dealings.