I will speed up your website with Content Delivery Network

speed up your website with Content Delivery Network

About This Gig

"A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of cached servers that delivers static web content efficiently, fast and reliably - even under high loads."

Why Do You Need CDN ? 

  • To Speed Up your website (if it is image heavy)
  • For better SEO (Yes, Google looks at Site Speeds)
  • To Reduce Server Load
  • For Robust Performance Under High Loads
  • To Improve User Experience
  • Best for Photography Websites, eCommerce Websites or any website with rich image content

What Do We Offer ?

  • CDN Solutions for You, provided by Us
  • Setup Assistance
  • Global Network from 32 data centres across the world.
  • Cloud Storage
  • Total Freedom
  • Transparent Pricing and Great Support


  • We are providing this service in the capacity of legit resellers of CDN77
  • 1 gig of $10 is valid for 1 year, renewals are again 1 gig each
  • This gig is applicable for US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South American data centres
  • Once subscribed, your rates remain the same every year, cushioning you against further price rise. So book asap! 
  • Will not work with Managed Hosting since they do not allow Caching plugins

Please contact us before placing an order. 

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