I will create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan for you

create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan for you

About This Gig

Years of experience as an athlete have taught me that exercise and diet go hand in hand if you wish to have the body you desire. It is simply not enough to just exercise and expect results - you need to eat right too! As a cross country runner, soccer, and tennis player - not to mention a regular at the gym - I have to constantly tailor and customize my eating and exercise habits to whichever sport I am involved in at the time. Using my experience and knowledge of exercise regimes and nutrition, I will set you up with a personalized nutrition and exercise plan, catering to exactly what you want to achieve. Want a six-pack? I'll tell you exactly what to eat and what exercises to do to achieve that goal in the least amount of time possible!! The final plan will be delivered in the form of a Microsoft Excel file, and will also include a schedule showing you the optimal times to exercise and eat! Best of all, I promise to deliver it to you in just 1 day! This gig is perfect for people who want to: -Lose weight -Gain muscle -Get fit -Eat better -Work on a particular muscle group -Get that six-pack!!

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