I will send you a letter and a photograph

send you a letter and a photograph

About This Gig

I will write you a letter. I will also take you a photograph and send you a small print. I live in New York City and this is what I will write to you about. This letter will include any interesting recent news I've read, fun facts about NYC I've learned, general info about living in the city. It could also include a fun story about something I or a friend have experienced, assorted going-ons in the neighborhood, or visiting advice. I am also willing to take requests. Want to know something or hear about something specific in the letter? I can do that. Want a photograph oh something specific? I can do that too. The letter can be hand written, or typed and printed. In addition, I will also include postage and an envelope for you to send a letter back. **Please note that the photo for this gig is not a photo of mine.

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7 days delivery