I will make a prank phone call or secret shopper call

Great work! Very professional and well done. -Juan
Reviewed by juanportega1 11 months ago
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I am truly impressed with the service I received and I will be frequent buyer. Thank you for a job well done...
Reviewed by ministerhandy12 11 months ago
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Once again, thank you for the professional work done. You were calm, precise and had no hesitation during the call. I always appreciate the amount of diligence you applied as you delved deeper into the questions. I recommend this excellent gig to anyone looking for calls of this nature.
Reviewed by investment316 11 months ago
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She is a great!
Reviewed by miguelfebres over 1 year ago
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make a prank phone call or secret shopper call

About This Gig

Professional improv comic - I will prank call your friends!  I can play tons of characters to get someones blood boiling.  OR I can do a secret shopper call for a business and gather information for you.

Please note that I need a script/guide and include any fun facts that only friends would know or information about the business with what you'd need to find out.

If you want me to just make it up as I go, please give a theme and it will be $10 for a 5 minute call.

I will not say anything mean or vicious. This is a fun gig; not a way to seek revenge.

If the party does not pick up, depending on the nature of the order, I will leave a message or I will keep calling until they pick up.

US/Canada calls only.