I will do Your Ultimate How To On Bodyweight FITNESS

do Your Ultimate How To On Bodyweight FITNESS

About This Gig

   Calisthenics are a form of exercise, movements, generally WITHOUT using equipment or apparatus, thus in all essence body weight training.
Basics moves: Pulling or Pushing yourself up on a pull-up bar, bending, jumping, push ups, dips etc.

I have been practicing calisthenics for over 3 years now, i bought dvd's for training and i learned it all by myself over these 3 years.

In this GIG i will try to help people all around the world, starting with the basics routine in calisthenics. I want to include a 3 month program for any of you, just for 5$ and as feedback i will love to continue the training program after the 3 months.

For extra information i will tip for free or not, depends.
Some Routines that you can look for:
 - Full body routine
 - Upper body routine
 - Lower body routine
 - Full 6 pack abs routine ( Here you will also need a diet, see my other gigs for that )

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