I will download your iOS app and give TWO pro 5 Star reviews

download your iOS app and give TWO pro 5 Star reviews

About This Gig

Reviews are the key to get people notice your app. Great-quality reviews can be the difference between being just another app on the Appstore or being a popularity and money-making hit!
Well, that's why I'm here to help you...

I guarantee you a top service by giving you these:
  1. Actually download your free iOS app
  2. Open and use your app.
  3. Write not one, but TWO personalized app reviews, with enough length to highlight all the positive aspects of the app you've given me to review. This review will be honest and sound natural.
  4. I'll keep the app on my phone for 5 days after reviewing it, so it isn't deleted by Apple and stays through time.

I believe this is a great offer for you. You will save time and effort and you will be able to focus more on making more money out of your app, improve your app, etc. Focus on what you want to do!

Don't be fooled by people who don't even take the time to provide a quality service. These reviews will always be done on different devices to keep it safe. Also, I'll use a different IP address for every review.

Order Details

3 days delivery
Gig Paused