I will handcraft a JFK half dollar into a ring

handcraft a JFK half dollar into a ring
handcraft a JFK half dollar into a ring
handcraft a JFK half dollar into a ring

About This Gig

Looking for a unique gift for yourself or that special someone?  A ring crafted from a JFK Half Dollar.

Beautifully Handcraft Coin Ring from US JFK Half Dollar Size 6.5 to 14

I'm a Coin Ring Maker and you are looking at the JFK Half Dollar Coin Ring crafted from clad US Half Dollar.

The pictures show rings from size 6.5 to size 14.  Each ring has the same size band.  As the ring size gets bigger, the band will get thinner and the wall will be straighter.

You get to choose one (1) ring of your desired size from 6.5 to 14 with the head or tail side out.  Please indicate when purchase.  

All rings are carefully polished with special sanding process and buffed shine with jeweler's cloth.

All rings will be coated with a special formula to keep the shine and will temporarily prevent your finger turning green.  Please allow 1 day to process this coating.  Due to the oxidation of the metal along with soap and lotion, it will eventually wear off.

Ring will be made to order

Order Details

JFK Half Dollar in to a Coin Ring

I will handcraft a ring from a JFK Half Dollar. Your choose a size from 6.5 to 14.

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I choose a specific year for the ring?
    All rings are made from random year half dollar coin. Except for silver coin, only from the year 1964.
  • Do you offer sizes bigger or smaller than listed?
    Yes, I do. The size listed are based on on the size of the coin. I will do my best to accommodate your ring.
  • How do I find out my finger size?
    You can get sized at any local jewelry store. It is best to get it sized professionally.
  • If my coin ring is too big/small, can you resize it?
    Yes, I can. You will need to pay for return shipping both ways.