I will give 5500 SEO Footprints List and 100k Keywords

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give 5500 SEO Footprints List and 100k Keywords

About This Gig

This SEO footprint list has pretty much every footprint you will ever need to dominate the internet marketing world

These footprint lists includes some of the following footprints platforms (there are to many to name them all)

  • Advanced Guest
  • AkoBook Guestbook 
  • Edu + Gov Blogs
  • edu_wiki
  • general_directory
  • general_forums
  • phpbb 1, 2 & 3
  • pligg
  • Yahoo Question and Answers
  • web2
  • wiki
  • video sites
  • vbulletin
  • TrackBacks
  • Send Message
  • Silentum
  • smf
  • Zetaboards
  • Social Web CMS

AND MANY MANY MORE! ...You get alot more than just 5500 footprints

I also have 100,000 Keywords lists to combined with the 55,000 footprints - Imagine scraping all the url's you could possibly want to send your backlinks too - it boggles the mind

If you want too dominate the SEO world then this is the giant of all footprints and keywords

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