I will draw your logo with a pen by a robot

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by pierremcquiston 11 months ago
Haha perfect.
Reviewed by halleythompson 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ecyclus 11 months ago
AMAZING! No words. Great work!
Reviewed by soussus 11 months ago
Reviewed by henry88z 11 months ago
Fantastic product and service!! Great job!
Reviewed by twinpop 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sudosoft 11 months ago
Re: Drone Flight carrying message. My wife loved it! (I do to). The noise and height of the flight added to the message. Thanks, Lance
Reviewed by fossworking 11 months ago
Thank you - love it
Reviewed by likedmedia 11 months ago
Re: Stock drone footage. Just what I was looking for. There are some great creative possibilities with this. Let me know when you get more! Lance
Reviewed by fossworking 11 months ago
Good Service...
Reviewed by dososclothing 11 months ago
Good Job! Thank you
Reviewed by aharpagaus 11 months ago
Great video! Thanks.
Reviewed by werewe12 11 months ago
Reviewed by wmqtprkmk2 11 months ago
:) Thank you! It's great
Reviewed by aganabelea 12 months ago
Reviewed by trunqapp 12 months ago
This is an awesome work, it's been pleasure working with him. Many thanks again!
Reviewed by garryhardin 12 months ago
Thank you.
Reviewed by irentdomain 12 months ago
Jacky!!!! I love it soooooo much!! Thank you for delivering my order! It was what I really wanted and more! :)
Reviewed by spicyscribbler about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ethannz about 1 year ago
draw your logo with a pen by a robot
draw your logo with a pen by a robot
draw your logo with a pen by a robot
draw your logo with a pen by a robot
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Description A simple message Logo or Sign Portrait
  I will draw out your message in time lapse Please read the FAQ below for details I will draw out a logo or a sign in time lapse Please read the FAQ below for details I will draw a photo of people in time lapse Please read the FAQ below for details
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About This Gig


What happens when you give an automated machine a pen and a paper? 
The robotic machine can draw anything you desire in a mesmerizing line by line pattern with it all captured in a stunning HD 1080p time lapse video. Watch as these images slowly get drawn to life by a single pen continuously held down and filling up the spacious white page. 

What you can use this gig for:
  1. You can have it draw, a simple Happy Birthday message to someone
  2. Use this to promote your company in a cool unique way. (Best for tech companies)
  3. Have it draw a face of a beloved person in a slow reveal type of style.
  4. Create an organic YouTube intro for your channel.
  5. A holiday coming up? Send them this as a video holiday greeting!

These are only a few ways to use this gig for advertising, promotions, and special events.

All time lapse will be sped up to an appropriate reasonable speed and will be uploaded in a small easily shareable HD MP4 file.
For the Text and Sign Packages, the video will be sped up to around 30 seconds
For the Portrait Package, the process takes a lot longer and will be sped up to a minute.

Please read the FAQ section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • More info on: Text Message Package
    This package only allows text and is limited to only 2 short lines, due to the limited spacing on the drawing board. Shorter messages will utilize the space and will look better. Examples such as: "Happy Birthday Brandon Smith", "Cody's Tech YouTube Channel", "Winter is coming...." are perfect!
  • More info on: Sign/Logo Package
    I will need either a sign or a logo. This could be designed by you, or a picture found online. Please try to avoid anything with small and fine details since it may not come out nicely. If in doubt, send me a message, I can let you know if it will work out before ordering :)
  • More info on: Portrait package
    This package requires you to have a close-up photo of a person or two at most. Try to choose a picture focusing primarily on their face, such as a selfie. This package will be the darkest of all since the pen will need to draw over specific spots to add depth and darken features.
  • I love the time lapse now I want the physical drawing itself, can you do shipping?
    Yes, I can mail the physical drawing in a letter. Shipping prices vary from country to country. Please inbox me for further details
  • There's no sound?
    The audio has been removed due to unwanted background noise. If you like music to be added to the time lapse, check out my Extra Gigs
  • Why is there random lines on the drawing?
    The pen never lifts off the paper, which causes travel lines. Those cannot be removed, however, I do believe this adds a pretty cool effect to the overall time lapse.