I will format up to 10 pages of any document for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
format up to 10 pages of any document
format up to 10 pages of any document

About This Gig

Hi there!
Now that you have that report written or presentation drafted, let me take care of the final formatting. I have over 7 years of technical writing experience and still going strong!

For $5, I offer one round of clean and structured document formatting, up to 10 pages (wow, what a deal!). I will format your school research paper, user guides, power point presentations, and other text types.

Formatting actions often include:

  • Adding a cover page
  • Add stock photos (see extra gigs)
  • Add custom colors
  • Eliminating unnecessary white space, returns, page breaks, etc.
  • Inserting Table of Contents
  • Bold or Italicize special text
  • Create parallel bullets and/or numbering (Includes custom bullet text)
  • Add tables and charts (color coded by request)
  • Modify and add new Headings (1, 2, etc.,)
  • Header and Footer text (including page numbers)
  • Adding Works Cited/Bibliography References
  • and more!

All document formatting is done in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx and Microsoft PowerPoint doc types.

Please contact me for special requests!