I will do the perfect email marketing blast for you

do the perfect email marketing blast for you
do the perfect email marketing blast for you

About This Gig

It is proven from time to time that actual money lies only in the email lists. And if you are serious about making money online you got to do solo ad blasts from time to time. 

Email marketing is not only popular but it bring results in actual. It is the easiest ways to make money from one of the hardest sources such as affiliate marketing, product selling etc.

However, building an email list is very hard and is impossible to do if you don't have a website or good audience. This is where this service can help you out and bring in some of that dough that you are craving for.

I am associated with a big online company that currently has 2,500 high traffic sites all over the web in various niches and our email lists are just huge and growing each and every day. I can provide you email blasts in almost each and every niche. 


=> Targeted solo ads blast to your tailored audience
=> 100% opt-in lists and absolutely no bot & fake work
=> One of the best email marketing service available out there
=> Guaranteed high-quality visitors to your site
=> Affiliate offers are most welcome
=> Satisfaction guaranteed

This service is exclusive on Fiverr and is available at low cost for limited time!

Order Details


Email blast to 25,000 targeted emails.

  • Campaign Optimization
10 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your lists totally spam free?
    Absolutely! All of our lists are 100% opt-in and there is absolutely no scope of spamming. We are proud at what we deliver and we guarantee maximum satisfaction to you :)
  • Why are the prices so low?
    Most of the high priced promotions are due to paid lists. We have earned this list ourselves and our audience love to check out new all the time. So, it's a win-win for both and that's why we don't charge much!
  • Are HTML emails accepted?
    Yes! We do accept HTML email blasts but you have to host all the images on your own hosting servers. Additionally we do not allow any type of java, javascript, or iframes within the content we send
  • Does it work with affiliate offers?
    We happily accept affiliate offers and our clients have received awesome results from this but we do NOT guarantee any sales or conversions because they are highly variable and unpredictable. But we do guarantee that you will receive high quality traffic to your offer(s).
  • What's a sample ad format for your blast?
    You need to keep it as short as possible and always to the point. The size of the email must be 5,000 characters or less. It may be HTML or Text.
  • What guarantee do you provide?
    If we fail to deliver then you will be refunded in full :)
  • Is Geo-Targeting Available?
    Geo-Targeting is available but not in all countries. Please contact us first before ordering if you want to send a geo-targeted email campaign.
  • What are the conversion rates and how much traffic can I expect?
    We guarantee a minimum of 3% CTR on our every blast. We will keep on sending emails until we reach that. The further conversion rate will totally depend on your landing page and your email copy. For achieving the best results be precise about what you want the visitor to do in the copy you provide.