I will apply up to 100 jobs a day through myresumerobot

apply up to 100 jobs a day through myresumerobot
apply up to 100 jobs a day through myresumerobot

About This Gig

Hey hey! Welcome to my webservice where I apply to 1000s of jobs with your resume and cover letter until you get hired. This is my (500$) enterprise plan with a promotional price for Fiverr users. Select this offer if you are open to relocating to multiple metros, for a few cities, check my smaller offer.

The base 5$ of the gig will only cover one day's worth of applications ( up to 100 applications). Check the gig's extras to have me apply to more apps over the month.

I have gotten my current job using the method that I will use for getting your job. I currently work in healthcare as a software developer, and its mostly attributed to my job hunting method.

What I need from you!
  1. I need a set of job titles you'd prefer to work as, ie marketing and sales, research intern, java software developer, or junior financial analyst are all perfect career titles.
  2. A prioritized list of cities or metro areas you'd want to be working in,
  3. ZipRecruiter account(s) with a resume attached to search through. Up to 100 jobs per day per account. 

What you will get will be phone calls or emails from employers asking to talk or meet.

Check out the order below. Order extras to take advantage of this gig. Thanks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a ziprecruiter.com account?
    Yes. Yes you do. Attach your resume to the account and make sure you format it how you want it to look under a 'ZipResume' setting. This has the highest potential of success.