I will get you to lucid dream within two weeks

get you to lucid dream within two weeks

About This Gig

I've been lucid dreaming for a decade, and sadly all of the lucid dreaming gigs on Fiverr are disappointing. I will teach you the language of the lucid dreamers such as WBTB (wake back to bed), DILD, FILD, and other terms that give you the tools you need to dream.

I guarantee that you will go from a not having any dreams, to a improved dream recall, and then to a lucid (vivid and present) dream. 

This includes documentation on how to do it, plus a really simple solution that I use that I've coached my fellow students, friends, family, and  co-workers over the years. I've gotten 100 individuals to improve their dreaming experience over 10 years, but now I want to grow that number.

You will get:
  • Documentation on dreaming words and terms.
  • A foolproof flow chart to achieve lucid dreaming within 2 weeks
  • A guarantee to get a better dreaming experience or 100% paid back to Fiverr

Upgrades may include:
A 15min 1on1 skype session to coach you further
Advanced Lucid Dreaming techniques such as how to REMAIN in a lucid dream, how to change your surroundings, or how to get a much higher and consistent lucid dream rate.

I dream of a world where everyone can really explore themselves, and you can too.

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