I will cement your place in history forever

What a unique and excellent idea. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know.
Reviewed by danieg9 6 months ago
cement your place in history forever
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About This Gig

We all have a chance to make history. Buying a gig will cement your place next in line as we are trying to form the biggest human chain ever. Each gig purchased (only one per person) will make you part of the team. Once we managed to form the biggest chain ever, I will apply for a Guinness World Record and email each of you a copy of the certificate. Getting ten thousand people physically together in one spot will be almost impossible, but through the power of the internet, it can be achieved. Some of us might never do something worthwhile, so this is a great way to make sure people will remember your name forever!

So let's do this; Take a number.

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I will sent you a PDF file certificate that shows your place in line.

2 days delivery