I will email insults to anyone you choose

email insults to anyone you choose

About This Gig

I will anonymously email your enemy or anyone you choose and insult them. Nothing too serious as to break the law, but just enough for them to know that someone out there does not like them. Should you want me to insult them in your own words, you can tell me what to say.

Emails will be sent from a decent email address to avoid it going into spam folders and make sure the recipient receives it.

For an extra $5, I will email you their responses.

It's a great way to get back at someone without them knowing who it was and can give you some sort of enjoyment knowing that you got them.

We can not swear at anyone, just mild-mannered insults as to what you think of the person. No racist, homophobic or religious insults. Insults will be around the same length as a tweet, around 140-200 characters. 

Emails will end with something like the following, 'You've been had by someone you know.'

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2 days delivery