About This Gig

Pricing: One $5 gig purchase covers per up to 50 words of high-quality, professional voice-over from yours truly. Script longer than 50 words? Just order additional gig units. 

Current delivery estimated at 3 days.

Cutting the queue doesn't come cheap: 

For Extra Fast Delivery guaranteed within 24 hours: You must book one extra fast unit for each unit purchased. 

Word Count  Gigs to order   with Extra Fast
     1-50                 1                      1
    51-100              2                      2
  101-150              3                      3

Please note: my services are in significant demand here (not that I’m complaining!) which means that I unfortunately don’t have the capacity for back-and-forth to address incorrectly-placed orders. If you need express delivery but don’t order this correctly, I will unfortunately have to cancel your order. So if you have any questions, send a message to my inbox before you order.

Quality: Broadcast quality audio edited and de-breathed. 

**For scripts over 1,000 words or special situations, please inbox me with your project details for a custom offer.**

Order with confidence. You'll be glad you did.