About This Gig

Pricing: One fiverr per up to 50 words. Script longer than 50 words? just order additional fiverr units. 

Cutting the queue doesn't come cheap. For Extra Fast Delivery guaranteed within 24 hours:
 You must book one extra fast unit for every fiverr unit purchased. 


Word Count  Fivers to order   with Extra Fast
     1-50                 1                      1
    51-100              2                      2
  101-150              3                      3

Quality: High quality audio recording edited and de-breathed. noise measured at less than -75db for super clean broadcast quality

For scripts over 1,000 words or special situations, please inbox me with your project details for a custom offer.

Commonly booked for: Commercials, product introductions, e-learning, podcasts, voice mail, ivr, financial, medical legal, and much more.