I will edit your photos professionally

edit your photos professionally
edit your photos professionally
edit your photos professionally
edit your photos professionally

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Description The basic stuff. Let's get savvy. Professional Overhaul.
  This pack covers your basic editing such as, bringing more light into the photo. This pack covers things like, color correction & acne removal. Covers everything within the photo I can change & improve.
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About This Gig

Bring me your photo's you want perfected and brought to their full potential.
I can also do simple video edits and sound edits within your video. Perhaps you have a bunch of videos for YouTube but they need to all become one video with on que sound and the whole professional sha-bang as it were, I can help.

I also can provide editing for 'selfies' and any type of images including and not limited to nudity, any and all photos are completely private and are only seen and edited by myself, once a satisfactory outcome is reached all photos are removed and deleted from my computer unless you give permission for me to use it to advertise my business or add to my portfolio of editing otherwise all traces of work will be deleted from my end and you will be the only one with the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am happy with the final product after all my revisions?
    This may seem discouraging to see but I would still insist you pay for my time and efforts, it's only fair. Imagine if you cleaned your neighbors yard and he said the job wasn't good enough so he didn't pay you.
  • Do you have a website or Facebook page?
    At the moment I only have this little portfolio I made just for Fiverr http://jamesgross1.portfoliobox.net/ It just contains some of my photography and as far as a Facebook page goes I don't have enough of a demand for that just yet.
  • In contrast to your photo editing skill how does your video editing skill stack up?
    Too be honest my photo editing skill is much more advanced than my video editing skill, purely because I have put more time into it, being a amateur photographer means I am regularly using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.