I will ghostwrite your book or article

ghostwrite your book or article
ghostwrite your book or article

About This Gig

Working closely with you by email, phone or Skype, I will do my best to get your book, story or article just the way you want it. I can´t promise you publication and I have nothing to do with marketing, but your words will be polished and professional and ready to go.

I have always been a writer: I´ve won prizes over the course of my life and know the industry well. I´m a published author with a broad knowledge of what the industry wants, and the level they expect, in these difficult times.

I studied journalism and have been published in many newspapers and magazines and continue to have good contacts in the journalism world. I have a broad knowledge of styles and tastes and can make sure your articles are just right for their target publications.

I´ve only just started offering my services and am hoping to build up good relationships with people who wish to use my services.

I´m based in Madrid, Spain, and am happy to work via email, Skype and phone conversations.

I´m married with two lovely little kids who drive me crazy.

Order Details

Books, stories and articles.

Let a professional, published, author and journalist polish your words and get your ideas down.

  • Topic Research
  • Commercial Use
2 days delivery 1 Revision
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose you?
    Because I´ve been doing this since I could hold a pencil, writing essays for schoolfriends, lovenotes for mates, articles for school newspapers, articles for professional publications, blurb for friends, emails for colleagues, books for myself and stories for my kids. It´s what I do.