I will process your data using matlab and its associated tools

process your data using matlab and its associated tools
process your data using matlab and its associated tools

About This Gig

I am offering to read data with the software tool known as Matlab. I have 7 years of experience working with the program and have used it to analyze and process data during my academic career. I am very familiar with both its syntax and toolboxes. As a result, I am familiar with creating and analyzing data representations for a variety of subjects including image processing, physics, and a functional albeit-limited knowledge of financial analysis.

As an example, say you want to detect the edges of objects in a photo that you have. You would send me the photo and I would do the following:

  • Read in the image data with Matlab

  • Retrieve relevant data such as intensity gradients, the image in the Fourier space,

  • Perform Canny edge detection using Matlab

  • And in certain cases, such as here, I can use my own background knowledge to give suggestions or even perform the task itself for you such as in this example: I would use Canny Edge detection to retrieve the edges from the image

Order Details

Simple and easy

Will read and analyze data using Matlab software.

6 days delivery unlimited Revisions
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is everything set in stone?
    As this is my first time using this sort of platform for paid work, no nothing is set in stone yet. As time goes on, I will have a better foothold on what my customers expect from me and what I can expect myself to do for them.
  • I have a music file I'd like analysis on and you did mention you could do image analysis. Can you do it for music files too?
    Signals, as defined by the IEEE, include: "audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical and music." Jean Baptiste mathematically proved that signals such as these can be broken down into a combination of waves. In other words: Yes.