I will endorse your product or service on national radio

Really fun & enthusiastic ad! Thank you!
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Just as advertised. Outstanding and very professionally produced!
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Excellent show.
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endorse your product or service on national radio

About This Gig

BEST fiverr gig in the market and you will not be disappointed

"What do I get for 5 bucks?"
1. We will place a banner on our website for 30 days under our sponsor section
2. We will advertise your campaign on our radio program 4x per hr and then it will live in our podcast and 24-7 stream for 24hrs
3. We will tweet and facebook your link 2-3 times per week for 30 days
Who are you and your demographics

Our demographics are the following:
Market Profile
Median Age 18-54
Median Annual Household Income $64,500
Online Business Ownership 61%
Average Weekly Time Spent Listening 384 Minutes
Available on Iheartradio
20-50 AM/FM stations in the USA
World wide on Podcasts

What do I need to get started?
1. Banner or jpeg image{if you dont no problem its a extra service we offer}
2.Link to the campaign
3. We also need info on the business,book,etc so we can properly promote
4.If you have social media {so we can make sure you know we are promoting it}

WE MAKE NO GUARANTEES {we will do our best but sometimes people dont respond to things}

Order Details

8 days delivery