I will do One Page Checkout

do One Page Checkout
do One Page Checkout

About This Gig

i will make One Page Checkout plugin install on your wordpress, zencart,opencart, woocommerce websites.

A long checkout process can deter customers from finalizing a purchase.One Page Checkout combines the payment and shipping pages into one page and simulating the checkout confirmation page.  By reducing the checkout steps, One Page Checkout can help reduce cart abandonments and increase conversion rates

One Page Checkout uses jQuery to accept the user’s shipping address without having to redirect to the shipping address page on both the regular login and no-account option.

  • One (jQuery) or two page checkout
  • Easy sign up and sign in split login mode
  • Ability to checkout without an account
  • Ability to force checkout without an account
  • Ability to confirm email
  • Ability to make account phone optional
  • Order total display on registration/login
  • Confidence box display on registration/login
  • Ability to copy billing to shipping address
  • Customizable dropdown selection on checkout
  • Customizable checkbox field on checkout

Order Details

2 days delivery