I will clean up your AncestryDOTcom site

clean up your AncestryDOTcom site

About This Gig

Is your Ancestry site messy?

Do you have the same ancestor listed three, four or five times with different information and not sure how to merge them into one.

Do you constantly duplicate information you already have on the site.

Do you have an understanding of how “hints” can enhance your research tenfold.

Do you know how to search for an ancestor on your site using certain symbols and key words.

Would you like me to come on to your site and give it a good clean-up for you.

I am an experienced AncestryDOTcom user who who has helped clients using Ancestry to get the very best from their site. I will teach you how to create me as an “editor”, and you will instantly see how I can merge all you information from the various duplicated ancestors / entries in your tree.

I merged all the information from the many duplicate ancestors to the one ancestor, then I combed all the hints for relevant information, and then I literally scanned each ancestor to make sure all the information was correct.

If you feel your site could do with a good clean, then this is the product for you.

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