I will guest post on PR3 Shopping Fashion Lifestyle Blog

guest post on PR3 Shopping Fashion Lifestyle Blog

About This Gig

I will post your article or product review related to Shopping on My PR3  blog  Any thing related to Shopping is okay.

You will get guest posts / guest post from valid PageRank 3 blog, I will never remove your post from the site, the links will be there forever.

Any number of links within the guest post is permitted but I would strongly recommend only using 2 at the most, Google seems to prefer this based on my experience.

Normally I will publish article within 3-4 hours (as soon as I come online) 

The search engines like my sites so please don't ruin it with subjects like porn, gambling, etc. as I will reject them and refund your money.  Also, any poorly written material with numerous spelling errors and/or grammatical errors will be rejected.