I will repost 3 non tumblr posts to 140k followers

repost 3 non tumblr posts to 140k followers

About This Gig

I own a blog hosted at tumblr with over 100,000+ followers. My followers are mostly interested on beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, photography and travel.

Avail this gig and get promoted to my awesome followers!!

This gig is EXCLUSIVE to buyers with POSTS NOT HOSTED AT TUMBLR.
(For tumblr users, I offer 6 reblogs for $5. Kindly check out my other gig regarding that. Thanks!)

The difference between Reblog and Repost.

Reblog is exclusive to tumblr users and some platforms that utilizes a share tool. It's a one click option that allows a certain post to be published on my tumblr without any fuss. 

Repost is the way of copying (with the owner's permission of course!) vital information from the owner's post to a new post entry on my tumblr. Posts can be customized based on the buyer's preferences. Three (3) links will be included in the post - the image itself will be linked, title in and another link in the post body

Kindly note that I cannot guarantee the number of hits that you'll be getting, but availing this gig means that your post will be exposed to over 100,000+ dashboards worldwide!