I will write 2000 Words of Your Short Story or Novel

write 2000 Words of Your Short Story or Novel

About This Gig

Hi, are you trying to write your first novel or story but can't seam to find the words or the idea?
Well it happens a lot, which is why am here to help. I can help you write your first 2000 words of your short story or novel. All you have to do is to tell me the basic plot of the story or tell me to build one for you and you will have your story within days.
You have complete rights over all the works that I will produce for you.
So order now and let me get to work for you. 

*Your project's story plan is very important for me to start the project, because it is a guide for me and it's a kind of evaluation tool for you to evaluate my work.

N/B: Please 
Please no Erotica or any Erotic stories.

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Write 2000 Words of Your Novel

I will help you write 2000 words of your short story or novel

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the word count for a full chapter?
    A full chapter consists of about 3500 words. So that means that four chapters would consist of 14000 words.
  • Why do I need a story plan?
    A story plan serves as a compass for both the seller and the buyer to know where the story is going and what to expect.
  • What happens if I order the basic gig two times?
    Ordering the gig twice would get you two unique 2000 words short stories or novels