I will create a Private Blog Network on 10 Web 2 0s

create a Private Blog Network on 10 Web 2 0s

About This Gig

Note: This is a $100 gig!

While everyone is busy with PBNs and Google is busy with busting these PBNs, have you thought about building authoritative, quality links another way?

While people are in panic mode, thanks to Google, since last year, I have been testing another type of linking method: WEB 2.0 properties.

But these aren't just any type of WEB 2.0 properties.  They're not created through means of automation, these are manually built blogs. I have been creating solid sets of 10-20 web 2.0 properties for my and for clients websites.

Then, I'd wait patiently and add content manually over the next 2-3 weeks.  Anywhere from 4-6 posts.  I'd post content from time to time, anywhere from 4 lines to 500 words, image memes, or Youtube links.

Turns out, with just a little bit of patience and doing some smart link building, my rankings have improved each and every time. My Fiverr clients also report ranking improvements. Sometimes, there have been big leaps (from not in top 100 to in top 20) in rankings and sometimes, from top 20 to top 10.  It all honestly depends on the competitive nature of the keyphrases you are trying to rank for.  

Try this gig out! You will be surprised!